What is JBU

JBU uses the science of psychology, to share a guided journey to help you make the most of your expanded states through caring and reciprocal partner experiences. Be held in a safe container with other community members, and to hold space for others

Psychological Scaffolding for Psychedelic Experiences

JBU Us is a tool to prepare and integrate psychedelic experiences between a non-judgmental, considerate and caring partner who is also on a journey, designed to help you plan, prepare, optimize and make sense of psychedelic experiences. Pairs work together to prepare for the journey over the course of four weeks, using comprehensive, cutting edge techniques from positive, social and clinical psychology to assist each other to maximize the time they spend in expanded states and to fully integrate their insights into everyday life.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given psilocybin therapy for treatment-resistant depression (as well as MDMA for PTSD) ’Breakthrough Therapy’ designation. This classification means that the treatment has demonstrated significant potential in early clinical trials, opening the way for the FDA to expedite subsequent development and review processes. The major Clinialtrials.gov database lists 31 research trials using psilocybin (that are recruiting, active or completed), 9 using LSD, and a further 45 using the psychedelic-linked MDMA.

Private sector and universities/research institutions are working diligently on the potential impact of psychedelics on human well-being and health. For example, COMPASS life sciences company is working on a phase IIb psilocybin dose-ranging study with 216 patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression, intending then to move onto a major phase III study to better help those suffering from this common and difficult to treat disorder.

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Measures employee, student, and self-development

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Scientifically proven impact on job related competencies and psychological well-being

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Founded and developed by Stanford University-based professors

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Web and mobile (IOS and Android) based

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Convenient – participants work efficiently when convenient for them and their partner

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Programs designed by preeminent psychologists and subject matter experts

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You’re not alone – you will form a team of two motivated participants – your partner and yourself

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Statistically Significant Differences in Participant

Research on the effectiveness of JBU courses has been conducted in universities, hospitals and corporations

  • Service Orientation
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Compassion for Others
  • Compassion for Self
  • Subjective Happiness
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Racist Attitudes
  • Sexist Attitudes
  • Psychopathy

JBU Impact


We use science and our own human capacity to transform individuals and society. We respect human capacity, unleashing and measuring the impact of this transformative experience. Informed by the science of human capacity and practical experience, we are able to provide the measurable, practical and critical engagement needed to transform. We will work through a holistic model to address each element in pursuit of health, happiness and wholeness.

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Psychedelics: Yesterday – Today – Future

Psychedelics have been part of human healing for thousands of years and recently the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given psilocybin therapy for treatment-resistant depression (as well as MDMA for PTSD) ’Breakthrough Therapy’ designation. This classification means that the treatment has demonstrated significant potential in early clinical trials, enabling the FDA to speed development and review processes. While there are other disorders where psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (for example, alcohol dependency, quitting smoking, distress in severe terminal illness). JBU exists to help healthy preparation and integration for those who choose to take an entheogen.

Before and during the 2020 Election cycle, several cities and states have shifted their perspective on the legality of the use of entheogens. The past is merging with the future.

How it Works

The three stages of Journey Between Us

Part One:

Psychological and Social Preparation (sessions 1-4)

In the first preparation sessions, you’ll get to know each other and form a trusting relationship, so you can approach your journey with an appreciation of change, hope and care.

Part Two:

The Journey and Sharing (Between sessions 4 -5)

During your experience, you’ll listen to a music playlist (of your choice or we can provide some ideas) and wear an eye mask, to help you focus internally. Journeys can last 6-8 hours, with a sitter. This is your Journey - be aware of responsible use and your obligations to yourself.

Part Three:

Integration (sessions 5-8)

Sharing the experiences of your Journey. Unpacking insights and ideas from your Journey to gain perspective, change, breathing life into unhelpful behavioral and emotional patterns.

Both sides of your Journey…covered

Contemporary psychedelic science supports the use of psychological tools in preparatory and integration stages. On both sides of the voyage, the major benefits of Journey Between us come from a deeper understanding of your needs, tools and guidance for your well-being and journey, and then an interpretation of your psychedelics voyage after the journey has ended. After the journey your transformation can take place, and integrated into your everyday life.

Mission: We offer safe, informed and science based tools to help best engage with expanded states of consciousness to support healing, personal growth and the evolution of culture.

Current Scientific, Peer Reviewed  Articles and Journals

The growing body of scientific literature supports safe and informed use of expanded states. Recent research suggests that psychedelics, combined with a variety of healing modalities, might be helpful for a number of difficult-to-treat psychological disorders. While JBU does not target hard to treat conditions, there is evidence supporting the use of expanded states for health and well-being in general population settings. 

JBU Benefits

  • 1

    Social Distanced:

    All JBU courses and interventions have always been socially distanced, available for any internet based device.

  • 2


    Dyadic and experiential.

  • 3


    Grounded in and supported by research demonstrating success of our approach.

  • 4

    Easy Administration:

    Set and forget, automatic matching, automated reminders, automated updates.

  • 5


    Pre/Post testing of actual predictors of psychological well-being and occupational performance.

  • 6


    Participants provide the context, and experiences that reflect their lives in the context of our courses.

  • 7


    Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation for participants (shared goals, actual career development and psychological well-being).

  • 8

    Deep Insights

    Guided science and evidence based practices

  • 9

    Mental Health:

    Statistically lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

  • 10

    Social Justice/Responsibility:

    Statistically lower levels of racist/sexist proclivities.

  • 11

    Occupational Development:

    Statistically significant growth in Leadership, Service Orientation, Teamwork, and a wide array of psychometric outcomes.

Research & Insight


April 25, 2022
Emerging research on the potential therapeutic benefits for healthy individuals John Hopkins University researchers have led research in psychedelic assisted therapy as a tool to help with difficult-to-treat disorders. At the sametime they have also shown how psilocybin can pr...


JBU was an incredible journey for me. Getting to know my fellow voyager, understanding the need for compassion, self-compassion, and being able to work through deep issues and a supported and facilitated way made the journey that much more valuable. Post journey integration was awesome as well as I could see my partner flourishing.

Project Manager, California

I met the coolest, most caring fellow Voyager through JBU. Without the open-ended but very structured sessions I don’t think I would have gotten as much out of my journey as I did. I didn’t expect to come out of this with a friend, but supporting ourselves, others and the Earth is what’s needed right now.

Middle School Teacher, Washington

I was at a low point given the pandemic, but after 4 sessions with my JBU partner, I felt hope blossoming. During my journey, I was able to relive a range of memories and confront my grief. For the next 4 sessions, my partner helped me (and I helped her) integrate. I feel upbeat and accepting, enjoying nature and making the best of our circumstances. Thank You JBU!

Engineer, California

I had seen the growing evidence in psychedelic science regarding the healing potential as well as insight-based approaches towards psychedelic usage, but wanted more support than just a sitter, in a convenient and cost-effective way. I’m so glad I found journey between us, as my partner was phenomenal, and excellent listener, and help me understand myself through the structure provided. I highly recommend JBU.

Account Manager, New Mexico

JBU’s structure and peer model helped me confront my sadness during a difficult relationship stretch and breakup. My partner was perfect and helped me understand anxiety that has manifested in me since childhood. We became accountability partners and after our first sessions, she found resilience and self care to help her face her father’s death. An amazing package of great tools that enhanced the voyage!

Marketing Director, Netherlands

As a therapist, I know that some of my clients use psilocybin. Given the legal status of the drugs, I have no interest in administering mushrooms though the scientific literature suggests they can be exceptionally helpful in conjunction with therapy.

I used Journey Between Us’s exceptional psycho educational approach along with motivational interviewing to guide my clients in preparation for their own journey with mushrooms, and then to integrate them after the journey. 

It works, my clients appreciate it, and it helps me standardize and approach to get the most out of their experiences.

Clinical Psychologist, California

JBU was a unique experience for me as I don’t usually enjoy working with others. To my surprise it was a better experience than what I imagined. The reading was easy enough to not be a strain, but the questions provided were insightful and made the experience rich and complex. Being put in a situation where the work requires two people in order to see new perspectives was something novel, I found challenging, insightful but very worthwhile.

Graduate Student, Oregon

I highly recommend the JBU modules. I gained great knowledge and the peer process enhanced the insights we both acquired. The science-based  and evidence supported approach was important to me. I use the tools multiple times a week which helps my emotional well-being and incorporate it in conversations with friends when supporting them.

I learned how to comprehend well-being more broadly for myself and those around me.  This allowed me to feel comfortable being vulnerable and therefore feel connected to those around me. I feel more grounded as a human being which supports appreciating joy in little and big moments.

Thank you for creating JBU and making this knowledge available to a wider audience!

Data Analyst , California

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