Finding Your Purpose

Purpose is something that nearly everyone needs for a fulfilling life, and unfortunately, it’s something that many people lack in their lives. Knowing your purpose brings intimacy with life your calling and the strength to execute in making it happen. Knowing your purpose means knowing your unique place in the world and how to take steps to realize your purpose in action.

We build an appreciation of your purpose by exploring your preferences across a wide range of holistic approaches. A loss/lack of purpose can unfortunately result in depression, and a host of other unfavorable outcomes, so let’s take some time getting to know ourselves and insights from others! Importantly, we wrap around the critical understanding that not just one of our six components to purpose has to be the only source of motivation, that in fact many can derive their sense of purpose from multiple sources.

This program brings together cutting edge research content and applications driven by Stanford affiliated psychologists on an intuitive online learning platform.

Who Should Attend the Finding Your Purpose Training?

People who seek a more aligned and purposeful life! Those lacking purpose who need assistance in finding their purpose or how to get closer to it. 10-12th grade students, undergraduate and graduate students, parents with children of any age, people considering parenthood, grandparents, developmental psychology students, psychologists, social workers, family practice MDs, counselors, school psychologists, grandparents, concerned teachers, human resources professionals volunteers, and those preparing for the above.

Excellent for undergraduate behavioral science classes and graduate/undergraduate courses. Managers and supervisors of employees, volunteers, entry level or first-time managers new to their roles, and those preparing for the above. Excellent for MBA classes and advanced undergraduate courses.

Why Choose the Finding Your Purpose Training?

You will be given information about what the effects of loss of purpose are, how to help you or another find that sense of purpose, five areas that you may find purpose, and finally, how you can combine those areas to find purpose from multiple areas.

Finding Your Purpose offers a unique approach to education that strips boring and non-relevant materials from your learning environment, and putting the most important person in charge, reflecting critical experiences and identity, you! A wholly reimagined online developmental experience designed to measurably transform frontline your approach to finding purpose, celebrating the effort, consideration and struggles with a peer partner, trained as you will be in empathic, active listening.

  • Length:

    18-hour virtual leadership training experience delivered over 8 weeks in a dyadic, peer to peer based course, guided by expert leadership content and guidance.

  • Location:

  • Tuition:

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Cohorts Starting Soon

There are no cohorts offered at the moment, Please check back later.

What Do Participants Learn?

Participants Learn to find purpose through different means and in different aspects of life.


Session One



Session Two

Need for Sense of Purpose


Session Three

Purpose from Moral Motivations


Session Four

Purpose from Religion and Spirituality


Session Five

Sense of Purpose from Family


Session Six

Sense of Purpose from Friends


Session Seven

Sense of Purpose from Self


Session Eight

Consolidation on Purpose

Psychometric Outcomes

Significantly Higher Levels of:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Service Orientation
  • Compassion for Self
  • Compassion for others
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social Dominan Orientation

Significantly Higher Levels of:

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